Adaptive Streaming

The system outputs multiple bitrates which will ensure your videos play consistently across systems with different bandwidths.


StreamV provides media links that can be used for embedding video streaming into your webpages and authoring applications like Articulate, LAB Advanced, Adobe Captivate or Lectora.


Stream HLS and MPEG-Dash video smoothly across all the different web browsers, operating systems and mobile devices.

Easy Video Upload

Simply drag any video media file into the browser window and the system will simultaneously encode and upload it directly into your online video library.

Online video management system which provides hosting, fast cloud-based encoding and adaptive streaming.

Manage all your video content and playback options via the StreamV online application.

Playback options included in the standard package:

  • MPEG-Dash
  • Apple HLS
  • HTML5 Video
  • MPEG4 Video
  • Flash as legacy video option

Customise your playback

When embedding your video content into other applications, you can use our unique links to embed directly into different software, or alternatively use our integrated player within LAB Advanced.

captivate streaming articulate

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